Reasons To Rent

Minimize Breakdowns

Our rental fleet is maintained by trained mechanics and is tested prior to each rental to ensure the best possible equipment is being used at your home or jobsite.

Get Your Job Completed More Efficiently

Don’t spent needless hours with an inefficient solution. Rent the best tool for the job from our vast warehouse of solutions.

No Maintenance Costs

Maintenance records, parts inventory, and costly repairs are a thing of the past when you rent from Sabre Rentals Ltd.

Eliminate Storage Costs

Storage is pricey enough, especially in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. Let us eat the storage costs of your tools and earth moving equipment by choosing to rent for your next project.

No Capital Investment & Increased Borrowing Power

Free up your business’ capital by renting equipment only when it’s required for a particular job. Renting can provide you a better asset to liability ratio and improve your borrowing power because of it.

No Equipment Obsolescence

Time flies. Rather than making large purchases with good intention only to watch depreciation eat up your investment, use Sabre Rentals' large fleet of maintained equipment to get your project finished on time.

Try It Before You Buy It

Part of keeping our rental inventory up to date involves the selling of assets that have performed reliably for our customers. If you find a piece of equipment marked for sale on our website, give it a rent and see if it’s a great match.

Service and Advice

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you. We stand behind our products and can offer the advice you need for performing your job.