Forms & Policies

Credit Applications:

For those clients looking to open a credit account at Sabre Rentals, please choose one of the following applications that best suits your needs:

  • SR N10 Credit Application – for those clients looking to have their monthly statement balance automatically charged to a credit card on the 10th of the following month.
  • SR N25 Credit Application – for those clients looking to initiate payment themselves. Terms are 25 days from the statement date.

Additional Resources:

  • Sabre Rentals Credit Policy - This document provides a detailed summary of the account types offered by Sabre Rentals along with the credit terms and conditions of opening an account. Note: this document is already included in the N10 and N25 account application package.
  • Sabre Rentals Rental Terms and Conditions - This form details the rental terms that all customers must acknowledge at the point of rental.
  • LDW Opt-Out Form - Use this form to opt out of the Loss Damage Waiver product.
  • Sabre Rentals Insurance Requirements - This form specifies Sabre Rentals’ insurance requirements for the rental of equipment. It can be sent directly to your insurance provider.
  • Event Sponsorship Application - We welcome all requests for event sponsorship. Our target events are those that directly benefit the local communities of Pemberton, Whistler, and Squamish.